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Light Bulbs

State-of-the-Art Light Bulbs

Light up your home or office with light bulbs from Central Hardware LTD. Our locations in Vernon and Enderby, British Columbia, both offer a wide selection of bulbs and lighting products from trusted brands. Our selection includes traditional incandescent bulbs, as well as eco-friendly CFL and LED lighting products.


Cut your power consumption by making the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. We offer cutting-edge CFL and LED bulbs that use a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs. They also last much longer than traditional light bulbs, so you'll save even more money over the long term. You can choose from a wide range of brightness and colour temperature options, from bright daylight bulbs to soft, warm mood lighting.

Standard CFL and LED bulbs are designed to fit any regular socket, so you won't need to make any changes to your lamps or light fixtures in order to make the switch. We also carry a range of specialty sizes.


Landscape Lighting

Brighten your property with beautiful landscape lighting. These outdoor light fixtures are great for illuminating trees, adding accents to your house, or lighting up a pathway in the dark. Exterior lighting is an excellent way to give your property instant curb appeal and draw attention to your home's most attractive features. It also discourages trespassers and makes your property safer.